Help Desk Services

Don’t Let Your Computer Ruin Your Day 

migraineAll large corporations have a help desk to solve their employee’s computer issues, why shouldn’t you? Just because you aren’t a multi-national conglomerate doesn’t mean you have to waste your time with pesky computer problems.

There are businesses to help you, but none compare to the O.N.E. Tech Solutions’ Help Desk.

O.N.E. Tech Solutions’ Help Desk offering is designed to be comprehensive, yet flexible. An assessment will determine your applications and systems and help you develop an escalation plan and service level agreement that meets your business requirements.

Creating, designing, and implementing a help desk is a costly project. O.N.E. Tech Solutions has already done it and is offering this service to you. O.N.E. Tech Solutions has been operating our Help Desk for over six years so we know what it takes. With experienced, customer-orientated personnel, O.N.E. Tech Solutions is the expert in help desk services for the small and mid-tier business space.

With O.N.E. Tech Solutions’ Help Desk offering, you can focus on running your business, without the worry of system questions or problems halting your productivity. Our highly trained help desk engineers can work with you and your associates as if they were a part of your team. You get access to IT experts that will work directly on the day-to-day activities that support your business. That’s a formula for success!


  • Over 60,000 issues solved
  • Level I and Level II certified and trained analysts
  • Flexible operation hours
  • Save time
  • Increase productivity
  • Immediate resolution
  • Support almost all desktop applications
  • A repository for all user requests including HR, facilities, copiers, telephone, etc.
  • All issues are managed by the help desk
  • Management reports help measure progress
  • Provides a single location to manage all your associates, issues